outdoor shows

The shows performed by Krystian Herba are the most phenomenal bicycle shows in Poland. His ventures are organized in a professional and fully secure way. One of the largest show track in Europe, professional sound system, gadgets for the audience and above all extremely spectacular acrobatics that for a long time remain in the memory of viewers.

Krystian is a Polish pioneer in many performed tricks, which additionally increases the attractiveness of his shows. Krystian has on his account more than 1,000 performances in 20 countries on 4 continents, which makes him the most global Polish sportsman.
Krystian's personality and experience allows him to attract the audience and establish a good relation with them in an engaging or even magnetic way. After the shows, which last 30-40 minutes, our sportsman eagerly talks to the audience, distributes posters and poses for commemorative photos.

The world's first 360 degree track.
More information coming soon.
duration of the performance
30-40 minutes

equal, flat square
minimum dimensions
12mx17m, access to electricity
230V 1.5kW